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In the spirit of creativity, I am excited to share some photos of my newest work! Lately, I’ve been feeling ‘GOLDEN’ as you’ll see in my photos 🙂


I call this a hand cuff that I created with beautiful amber,copper chain and copper sheet metal. It fits directly over the center of the hand. The idea is novelty in that I’ve seen ring bracelets, but with this sturdy yet comfy piece, you don’t have to where a ring to where this.

Golden Amber is said to be used in healing to repair damages to the auric field, karmic release, and emotional healing.
H Honey colored amber is said to add sweetness to your life. It helps you understand where you are at along your life path. Honey amber teaches us to let go of stuff that is blocking us from allowing spirit to step in and help smooth away the rough patches. Knowing stone.

The next piece that I’ve made is STYLISH, BOLD and EDGY:

It is an exotic hair feather cuff with a tribal vibe to it. Gorgeous golden feathers with a handcrafted copper clip and chain–I love this. It works well when it slides over a braid and cut on any hair type.

So these are my new additions so far for this week. If you’d like to see more photos, stop by my shop and take a peek 😉

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Chow and Happy Crafting!
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Something that is near and dear to my heart going into the new year is to be able to offer more variety and selection at my shop for the guys.  I mean, so often we ladies can shop till we drop, and only come home with one or two items for hubby or honey–whichever applies.  I feel as though we need to show them how special they are to us, just as much as we want them to show us how special we are to them.

Well, I have gotten off to a head start, though I have my projects lined up for me going into next year. My specialty is inspirational jewelry and fashion. So the goal is, more rings, cuffs and chains for dad, for brother, more his and her gifts, and so on and so forth.

Here are a few items that I have added to the collection that can make great personal gifts, or gifts for someone we love .  .   .


This is a very original double finger ring with lots of depth and character. It is bold and resembles the Infinity symbol.  Great if you’re looking for something beyond a regular standard shaped copper ring.


A more sentimental ring–very classy and works for any occasion.  The words, “My Lover My Friend” are stamped onto shiny golden brass.  An excellent choice for someone who wants to personalize their own unique message.


I made this piece with my husband in mind. He truly is my friend, and it’s been that way since day one. When flipped over, it says. “My Lover.”   That’s what it’s all all about.  Creating memorable work that has longevity in the heart of the wearer.

These are just a handful of great and heart warming ideas that I’ve created.  Handmade takes time; thankfully I’m off to a good start for 2013, and I can’t wait to share more in the days ahead. Until next time, Happy Blogging!

CJ @ The Lift