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I wanted to see some unique and different things. Being an artist, it’s always nice to be refreshed by the handiwork of other fellow artists.

I came up with a concept of putting together odd items that caught my eye from various designers.

Click this link  to take a look at what l thought to be pretty eye catching . . .




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You’ve heard the old adage, ‘AS A MAN THINKETH,  SO IS HE’ ?  Turns out that there is much truth to the statement. The current trends of the new age era emphasizes positive thinking, affirmations and declarations as a way of life, and in many ways, there is a lot of validity.

Think about it. How many times have you thought about someone out of concern, and then the phone rings and it’s them? Or thought to yourself, ‘today is gonna be a good day’ and magically, it was a fantastic day? Perception is everything, and what we think about our selves and the world around us has major impact as to how others both see and treat us as well.

For example, it’s hard to be angry and still smile. Most angry people express their anger by frowning up. The return response usually is that a person will see the frown on our face and try to avoid us.  Our simple facial expression based on a personal emotion can become a roadblock  to us making a very important connection in our lives.

In a day like today where stress levels are at an all time high, a time when many people are facing uncertainty from day to day, positiveness, goodness and encouraging thoughts are more valuable than ever. I try to keep a few  in my pocket at all times ;-D

By the way, if you are interested in having  this powerful expression available to you for daily wear, feel free to check it out at the link below.

Until next time, chow and Tis the Season . . . :=D




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Perhaps it’s upbringing, because as a young adult, I can still hear the voice of my parents saying “don’t waste your food, there are too many hungry people in the world to make waste!”

So here I am today, and while I wouldn’t classify myself as a hoarder, I am always thinking of ways to make something out of what others may call scraps or junk. Lately, I’ve been finding myself looking around my closet and selecting items that would have ordinarily gotten tossed, only to challenge myself to make something of them.

Here’s a few ideas I came up with:


This bracelet was inspired by the growing rise of youth being challenged by bullies. I thought it would be pretty cool to wear something that allows the victim of these insults to strike back- making their own statement.


This bracelet was upcycled from pink pillow cases I no longer used but still loved the color. It actually sold    on my etsy shop.

I guess the question to be answered is, do all creative people see the value in things that others consider  as junk? Is that the common denominator in most artists’ alike? I’d love to hear your perspective on this.  Until next time, Happy Sharing!

Beautiful Woman

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I’ve titled this ring, beautiful woman, not only because those words are stamped into this ring, making it a 2-in-1 ring, but because I believe women should feel beautiful from the inside out. Oftentimes, what we think is what we feel, and what we feel is what we portray. If we could only believe the best about ourselves, others would think the best of us also. Feel beautiful, look beautiful .  . . .everyday inspiration!

Blogging While I Work

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ImageThank you for stopping by! Here is where I will pull my chair up and have a cup of coffee–a jeweler’s cafe so to speak. I want to share my work, my findings and even my frustrations at times. So, if you’re interested in my quirky little world, then come on board and stayed tuned.

More to come  . . . .