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So, Who Are YOUR Customers?

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A lady contacted me through my website and expressed to me that she had a custom order request. Many custom orders enthuse me. As a jeweler who primarily works independently, the time isn’t always there to keep new creations coming as I would like.

So when she expressed to me the details of her requests, I was excited to work with her and get going. Along the way, we corresponded a bit, we worked out a few kinks, and in the end, the product came out as we both had hoped for.

I completed her order feeling refreshed, and was thankful to have another demonstration product to add to the repertoire.

It occurred to me as an afterthought that, as with any business, it is primarily sustained by people who choose to shop at a particular location for their own particular reasons. This is great and necessary, and of course, these shoppers should be valued by that entity for their patronage.

But I’d like to take it a step further and propose that there are ‘shoppers’ and then there are ‘customers’.  An individual that chooses an establishment to shop at is a great asset and valuable being. Customers however, challenge a company regardless of size or stature to take things to another level. It may be through their request that  a business expands it’s menu. Customers help to reveal a growing demand where maybe at one point there was only an occasional request. I’m sure that this will apply somewhat differently depending on the nature of the business, however the overall principle is the same: Customers play an integral part in helping to shape and grow any business.

Upon making this realization, I’ve since learned to value each request made by a potential customer in a greater way. Even if the conclusion is made that the requests just aren’t a match for my style or brand, it is still an opportunity to observe the market and determine whether there is anything that can be extracted and newly applied to my own product line. In a nutshell, I’ve learned a lot about what it is that I have to offer as an entity through my customers. It is through several encounters that I am constantly fine tuning my niche.

So, who are your customers/clients? What have you learned through those who value your services the most? What changes have you implemented because a special someone or group of someone’s who have graced your business with their presence? Love to hear about it in the comments below.

Light–xoxo 😉